California Probate & Trust Litigation Attorney

California Probate And Trust Trial Attorney Michael E. Pitts

Protecting and Advancing San Mateo County Clients’ Interests for More Than 25 Years

At the Law Office of Michael E. Pitts, we understand how difficult probate and trust disputes can be. Many of these cases involve conflicts between family members or with trusted advisors.

With more than 25 years of experience, attorney Michael E. Pitts has handled virtually every type of conflict during probate or involving a trust. His focus on these cases has allowed him to develop a great deal of insight into conflict resolution in these emotional cases.

He works closely with clients to help them minimize ongoing conflict while coming to resolution as efficiently as possible. Meticulous and prepared, he is an effective trial lawyer well versed in the complex procedures of probate courts.

If you are involved in a dispute involving probate, the administration of a trust, or a guardianship or conservatorship, contact our firm to schedule an appointment. We handle cases throughout the Peninsula counties of San Mateo, San Francisco and Santa Clara from offices in Redwood City, California.

California Probate And Trust Litigation

The Law Office of Michael E. Pitts represents both plaintiffs and defendants in probate and trust litigation:

  • Beneficiaries seeking to assert their rights in a trust or estate dispute
  • Will contests, allegations of undue influence by a beneficiary or questions of the will’s validity
  • Fiduciaries such as trustees, executors, administrators, guardians or conservators accused of breach of fiduciary duty
  • Allegations of mismanagement or fraud
  • Family members seeking a conservatorship over a loved one who may be legally incompetent
  • Potential conservatees who do not believe a conservatorship should be granted

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